Automatics for drying chambers

Фото: Automatics for drying chambers

Controller for the ARS-3 drying chamber - an effective solution for controlling the lumber drying process. 

The use of automation systems in the drying chamber allows to reduce the influence of human factor on the wood drying process and improve the quality of future products.

The ARS-3 controller is an effective solution for controlling the drying processes of materials, which has proven itself at many sites. The principle of the controller is to measure and process the data coming from humidity sensors. Processing the data, the controller determines the current state of the process of drying and lumber, forming signals to control actuators and processes.

Which processes are controlled by the controller:

  • Operation modes of the fans;

  • Flap opening/closing modes;

  • Turn on the fire alarm;

  • Heat supply to the drying chamber;

The parameters of the drying algorithm are individually adjusted to the design of your drying chamber.

Automatics for drying chambers

Advantages of using the ARS-3 controller

  1. The installation of the controller fully automates the drying process

  2. The return on the controller is less than one year.

  3. Significant energy savings due to control of fan and heater operation modes.

  4. The quality of the finished product becomes higher and the reject rate does not exceed 1%.

  5. The automated wood drying process does not require highly qualified personnel.

  6. Clear and simple interface.

For effective work of your drying chamber, ABF technological experts carry out a complex of thermal calculations on the basis of which further selection of the equipment and development of technological schemes of the drying chamber is carried out. The APC-3 controller can be installed in chambers of all common types and designs.

AGAP Tech Wood Drying Technology

The drying chamber of Agap Tech works without any additional air humidification system, which simplifies the construction of the chamber and significantly reduces the cost of operation and drying of wood. 

Rational use of moisture evaporated from wood and programmed operation cycles of ventilation equipment under the control of the ARS-3 controller allows us not to use additional humidification system.  

At the beginning of the drying process, the material warms up slowly. The heating rate should be such that the moisture evaporated from the surface of the boards can be compensated by the moisture from the center of the board, so that there is no big difference in moisture in the center and on the surface of the stack. The moisture is quite sufficient, because when drying 1 cubic meter of wood such as pine, from 60% moisture to 8% moisture, 208 kg of water evaporates. 

The process of operation of the ARS-3 controller controls the following processes of the technology:  

1. Initial heating of the wood; 
2. Heat transfer to the stack of wood; 
3. Exposure of the wood in the chamber; 
4. Ventilation of the drying chamber.

The wood drying technology will be equally relevant for those who are building drying chambers or are thinking about buying, as well as for those who already have a chamber and want to improve the quality of wood by converting their dryers.

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