We're against fake reviews!

We're against fake reviews!

As you already know, ABF now has AGAP Tech drying chambers in its business area. The technology we use in our drying chambers is fundamentally different from the classic drying chamber and has already proven to be an effective solution for many companies in the woodworking industry. 

We thought about how to ensure that the feedback on the new wood drying technology does not look formal and playful, so we decided to do the following:

Below you can find a list of companies which have implemented and are successfully working with AGAP Tech wood drying technology. 

We are for the lively feedback and want to give you the opportunity to hear them directly. Behind each phone number there is a live person who uses the technology at his or her facility, who is familiar with the nuances of its use and who will be able to answer questions about the efficiency of AGAP Tech drying chamber, which are of interest to you.

List of companies that use AGAP Tech drying chambers.

Enterprise "Lesteh", +79122108333 - technologist Yuri Nemakov. 6 drying chambers work on AGAP Tech technology.

IP Mikhnenok Anton Vladimirovich, +7 (8332)49-33-56, Kirov. 1 drying chamber. We are planning to design and build the second chamber with our technology.

Enterprise "Ural woodworking company", +79193640475 - Director Vorobyov Vladimir Mikhailovich. Automated 8 drying chambers. Drying mainly birch, medium volume chambers.

LLC "Papa Carlo and Co", Vologda Region, Kichmenga-Horodetsky District, Director of Infantry Sergey Felixovich, +7 925 50 777 67. Automated 2 cameras. Thermal calculations for new cameras have been made.

Gorny Shield, Sverdlovsk region, LesStroyComplex-SV, LLC, Head of Golubin Sergey Vladimirovich, tel. 8 922 103 00 05.

LT Turinsky Ltd., address: 623900, Sverdlovsk region, Turinsk, Zagorodnaya str., No. 183, supervisor Karelin Vladimir Arkadievich, tel. 8 912 678 27 33.

Grani Forests LLC, Leningrad Region. The project of medium volume drying chamber was completed. The chamber was built and has been in operation for over a year. Recently one more project of the chamber has been made. Construction works are in progress. +79112131330 Andrey Vladimirovich

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