Wood drying chambers (FAQ)

Фото: Wood drying chambers (FAQ)

All Frequently Asked Questions about drying chambers is here.

The principle of operation of AGAP Tech drying chambers is fundamentally different from the classic wood drying technology. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of answers to the most common questions about our drying chambers in one place. 


Часто задаваемые вопросы (FAQ)

1. At what temperature does the lumber dry in the drying chamber?
The temperature in the chamber at the heating stage is rising smoothly up to 70-75 ° C, and during the exposure and release of moisture falls by 10-15 ° to 55-60 ° C.

2. How long it takes to dry in a convection drying chamber with the specified conditions:

  • no frozen forest is used;
  • lumber temperature +5 degrees; 
  • the thickness of lumber is 22-44 mm;
  • the breed of lumber is a pine;
  • drying to 12% humidity;
  • the cameras are open 24 hours a day.  

The duration of drying with our technology will be the same as with standard drying modes. And the dryers are considered to have the following duration: 1 cm thickness of the pine board from 60% moisture to 10-12% should dry one day + initial heating of the chamber 1 day + final cooling 1 day. That is, the pine 44 mm should dry for about 4 days + heating / cooling for another 2 days = a total of about 6 days.

3. What is the design of the drying chamber?
The construction of the drying chamber is similar to the generally accepted standards. The air circulation is transverse, vertical or horizontal (false ceiling or equipment compartment in the length of the stack). The only recommended retrofit is the location of the dampers in the drying chamber. For our technology it would be more efficient to use larger air dampers and to place them in the side walls approximately at the middle of the stack height.

4. The principle of "in two words".
We heat the stack, remove moisture from the center of the board to the surface, evaporate it, emit steam outside the chamber.

5. How does the automatics work?
The ARS-3 controller receives data from sensors in the drying chamber. Based on these data, the current state of the drying process and the lumber is determined. According to the drying algorithm and considering the current stage of the process and the state of the stack, the controller controls the executive devices: fans, heat supply, coolant circulation pump, opening of air flaps, fire alarm. Parameters of the drying algorithm can be corrected for the specific construction of the chamber in the settings of the engineering menu of the controller.

6. What are the energy costs in the drying chamber? 

On the average, according to the standard technology the electric power consumption for fan drives is 0,2-0,3 kW/h/cu.m. According to our technology the expenses are 0,1-0,15 kW/h/cu.m.

The drying process takes 6 days. All this time the fans are running in standard technology. In AGAP Tech the fans work 50% less.

Let's make a small calculation:
6 days of drying = 144 hours of operation of the drying chamber, which means that one cubic meter of forest in standard drying costs 0,3 (energy consumption) x 6 (cost of kW energy) x 144 (hours of operation of fans) = 259,2 RUB.

If the volume of wood for drying is 100m3, the cost will be 25,920 rubles per cycle.

In AGAP Tech 0,15 x 6 x 144 drying chamber = 129,6 rubles.100 m3 cubic meters = 12960 rubles.

7. What kind of wood can be dried in the chamber?
All types of wood from the simplest (pine, spruce) to the hardest (oak, beech) can be dried using this technology. In addition, the technology allows you to dry without defects boards of large thickness, bar and even logs.

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