Convection drying chambers for wood ABF

Фото: Convection drying chambers for wood ABF

New technology for drying wood without using a humidification system. Automatics for drying chambers. Wood drying technology in drying chambers.

Wood is a hygroscopic material that reacts to environmental humidity levels and is able to absorb and return accumulated moisture. To ensure that the wood products are durable and durable, the wood undergoes a drying process to prepare it for further processing.

The preparation for drying takes place in several stages:

1.       The boards are sorted and stacked with gaps between them to improve air circulation.

2.       The ends of the boards that dry out most are painted with paint or resin to avoid cracks.

Now let's figure out how to dry the wood.

The first method is atmospheric or natural drying of wood. It takes place in a dry room like a warehouse or under an open roof, with the wood laid in a certain way. But this method is not easy and takes a very long time. Just imagine, the drying process can take up to 7 years!

We wanted to talk about a more modern, common and efficient way - chamber drying. The drying process of wood species is carried out in special rooms - convection drying chambers for wood, with atmospheric environment supported by microclimatic ventilation equipment, thanks to which the drying process can be controlled and the required level of drying can be achieved much faster. In this article we will not disassemble all kinds of drying chambers which are in the market ЛПК, and we want to stop on конвективных drying chambers for wood.

Convection-type drying chambers are the most common type of equipment that performs high-quality drying of wood. The popularity of this type of chamber is explained by its high efficiency and practicality. What is the process of wood drying in a drying chamber of convective type? Stacks of wood are blown with hot air, which is heated by means of heaters installed inside the dryer. This causes moisture to begin to evaporate from the wood.

Convection wood drying chambers evaporate all moisture from the wood, reaching the required moisture content of 14%. The convenience of convection-type drying chambers is that it is possible to process more than 20 cubes of lumber in one cycle of the chamber, if you fill it with 100 percent. 

Some situations require drying to 8% humidity, which is time consuming in convection drying. 

The classic wood drying technology in a convection drying chamber involves the installation of ventilation equipment and an air humidification system that will work continuously to create optimum drying conditions. But we at ABF went even further and deepened our knowledge of wood drying technology, which does not require the installation of a humidification system and constant operation of fans. You can read more about automated wood drying here.

The AGAP Tech convection drying chamber operates without an air humidification system, which simplifies the construction of the chamber and significantly reduces the cost of operation and drying of wood. But how does the humidification process work? Due to the rational use of moisture evaporated from wood and the programmed cycles of ventilation equipment. At the beginning of the drying process, the material warms up slowly. The heating rate should be such that the moisture evaporated from the surface of the boards can be compensated by the moisture from the center of the board so that there is no big difference in moisture between the center and the surface of the stack.

The classic wood drying technology involves the use of a humidification system for heating and heat treatment. Thermal water treatment is a long-term exposure of the timber to high humidity of the drying agent to relieve accumulated internal stresses and improve the quality of the timber as a result.

In AGAP Tech drying chambers, the heating speed of the wood is limited, and during thermal water treatment, the temperature in the chamber decreases, thus increasing the relative humidity of the air, which happens in classical technology, due to a nozzle humidification system.

Advantages of AGAP Tech wood convection drying chambers:

  • Drying quality is improved, the likelihood of cracks in the lumber is eliminated and the spread of moisture in the stack is reduced.

  • Electric power is saved by 50% due to the control of the fan stages.

  • Cheaper drying due to rational use of thermal energy - savings of about 43% compared to the classic wood drying technology.

  • AGAP Tech drying chambers can dry wood to very low values of 6-8%. 

  • There is no need to install a large number of sensors.

  • In AGAP Tech's convection wood drying chambers you can dry sawn timber of very small thickness, thick timber or whole logs.

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