Convection dryers AGAP Tech

Фото: Convection dryers AGAP Tech
Фото: Convection dryers AGAP Tech
Фото: Convection dryers AGAP Tech

Drying wood has never been so easy and efficient! You no longer have to worry about product rejects, train your staff with in-depth knowledge of the technology, and hire technologists! After all, the AGAP Tech dryer works without an air humidification system, which simplifies the construction of the chamber itself and makes the drying process much more economical. The air in the chamber is humidified by rational use of moisture vaporized from wood.

The AGAP Tech drying chamber provides ideal conditions for even, high-quality drying of wood.

  1. Saving energy. The use of drying chambers reduces energy costs due to the fact that in the AGAP Tech drying chamber the fans operate 40% less than in standard convection drying chambers.   
  2. No humidification system. No need to worry about water quality and maintenance of the humidification system. AGAP Tech works without humidifiers! Air is humidified by moisture evaporating from wood. Did you know that when you dry one cubic metre of pine wood, 60% to 8% moisture evaporates to 208 litres of water? 
  3. No human factor. Maintenance of the system does not require constant monitoring and additional training of personnel. You can monitor all parameters inside the drying chamber remotely using the software.
  4. Fixed wood moisture sensors are not required in the stack. All data on the current state of the stack as a whole are obtained indirectly at certain moments and calculated mathematically based on the temperature and relative humidity of the drying agent. 
  5. No defects! Drying wood in AGAP Tech does not require any control over the initial and current moisture level of the wood. The desired current humidity is "chosen" by the wood itself. 

    Wood drying consists of the following stages: 

  • Heating of wood. Heat supply to the stack without ventilation or air humidification system;
  • The "ageing" of the wood also occurs without heat supply, humidification or ventilation in the chamber..
  • Ejection of excess moisture from the chamber during controlled cooling.

The cycles last from 0.5 to 4 hours and are repeated until the wood has dried to the required humidity level. The drying chamber is then cooled to a temperature of +10 - +40 degrees. 


  • - "Crack"? What is it?" Control the internal tension in the lumber at such a level that you will forget the word "crack" after we dry it on wood. AGAP Tech limits the evaporation of moisture from the surface of the lumber. The flow of moisture from the centre to the surface of the material is accelerated by temperature and humidity gradients directed from the centre of the boards to the surface at certain stages of the drying process. This reduces the internal stress in the lumber and equalizes the moisture in the stack. 
  • "Saving" or "reducing production costs" - what do you prefer to call what is now available with AGAP Tech? After all, in comparison to the classic wood drying technology, which requires constant fans to ensure that the air flows through the stack, AGAP Tech does not require constant fans and a humidification system, which not only simplifies the construction of the drying chamber, but also reduces energy consumption and drying costs
  • You'll be asked, "Where are the wires and humidity sensors?" OH, NO! AGAP Tech is about simplification, not about the web of wires. When drying wood in AGAP Tech, you do not need to control the initial and current moisture level of the wood. The material is carefully conditioned in the chamber, so that the current humidity naturally decreases and as the wood dries, the air humidity drops smoothly. Monitoring the humidity is only required when determining the end of the drying process.
  • Controller or technologist? AGAP Tech technology can be used on absolutely any drying chamber and the drying chamber parameters are controlled by an automatic controller, which fully automates the control of the drying chamber and guarantees high wood quality without additional control. It is very easy to use the regulator and you will not need a specially trained technologist!

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Where will the wood drying chamber be located?

Type of wood

Thickness and length of boards to be predominantly dried

Expected temperature of hot water / water vapor / hot air used to heat the cells

Dimensions of the drying chamber (if space or room available) or approximate expected volume of a single load of lumber

How the chamber will be loaded (understaffed carts on rails, by forklift, manually)

If loading by forklift, specify the dimensions of the package including the length of the forks and the lifting height

Additional wishes for the project




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