Mobile wood drying chambers

Mobile wood drying chambers

Mobile drying chamber from a sea container - fully ready for use device. The volume of loading in the drying chamber on the basis of the sea container is small, from 15 to 20 m3 that is important if you plan to dry wood not in industrial scale and do not want to put resources into construction of the drying chamber.

The cost of one drying chamber based on a 40-foot sea container is 9 700 euros, we are ready to provide a detailed price on your request. 

One of the advantages of a container is its airtightness. All structural elements are securely fixed by welding seams. Rubber lining on the bivalve door of the sea container allows the door cloth to adhere to the aperture.

The composition of the mobile drying chamber.

Морские контейнеры для сушки древесины

Advantages of mobile drying chambers.

The drying space is separated by a partition from the space where the technological equipment is located. The stack is loaded into the chamber on trolleys on rails just like in any other drying chamber. The air is heated by means of a boiler that can run on wood waste, heaters and axial fans.

At the size of the sea container 12 meters, the size of the drying space after installation of the necessary equipment will be 10.4 meters. A stack of 6.2 metres and 4.1 metres of wood can be loaded into a chamber of this size.

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